Lets get this out of the way early, I am not just a guy with a camera.

If you are looking for somebody to recreate photos you have seen on Pinterest or you want somebody to take pictures off a shot list, I’m not the guy for you. Without the pretense, I am an artist. Each photo I take is deliberate, taken with care, with the aim of documenting amazing moments in a creative, artistic and honest way.

With that being said, your wedding is YOUR wedding, it isn’t my photo shoot. I’m not there to tell you how you should run your day, what you should wear or where you should have your wedding. Your day is all about YOU.

Its not about 1000 year old traditions, the long lost 4th cousin you have never met or the 500 seat guest list. It is about a black wedding dress, an elopement in the desert, your dog as your bridal party, cupcakes instead of a wedding cake and a guest list of two (you and your lover). In saying that, if you want your wedding in a 100 year old church, with 500 guests and your Dad walking you down the aisle I’m all for that too.

In short, I just want you to celebrate your love in whichever way you see fit and I will be there to capture in that way that I do. By coming together and collaborating in an honest way, we will make amazing photos together that are fun, truthful and timeless.

You do you and I’ll do me – we got this.